Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck

The latest book I have been sent to review is a book by Rachel Hauck called the wedding dress! I love fiction books especially christian ones and weddings so this seemed like the perfect book for me to review :)

Its about a girl named Charlotte who is due to get married to Tim yet can't decide if its the right thing to do and she can't find her perfect dress! Then she buys a trunk that is welded shut inside is a wedding dress and some other clues, Charlotte starts to investigate the history of this dress and the 4 women who wore it and where it came from with that she discovers a whole lot more!

Some fiction books can be difficult to read or you lose interest but this book is written perfectly! It flows so well! I was completely hooked from the beginning Rachel writes characters that you just love and strong women that we can be inspired by! I would wake up desperate to carry on reading my book! I loved reviewing this book!!! God is so good! Would definitely recommend if it spoke anything to me its that we are all so loved by our father and his attention to detail in our lives is beautiful! Just beautiful!