Monday, 21 November 2011

The First Judgement by Wendy Alec

This book is like no other book I have read before! The first judgement is the second book in the series! The first book I read is called 'The Fall of Lucifer' all about his fall from heaven, this book is a continuation of that and tells the story of how God sends his only son Jesus to pay the price for the human race to free them from the evil powers of lucifer. This book follows God placing Jesus here, his appearing to the Virgin Mary, his growing up, his death and ressurection. It is such an intense read! Reading about Jesus and his life, the way he suffered and what would have been happening in heaven amazed me! I was totally fixed on this book right to the end, theres lots going on in it so you have to take your time but it gave me another insight into our Saviour and the price he paid, it is heartbreaking and moving and shocking all at the same time and yet shows God's unending love for us and also how real it all was and is, it makes me feel incredibly blessed and makes me want others to experience that same freedom! I felt like I saw anothers perception of Jesus and his life, his death and his ressurection and what was going on in the unseen world of heaven and hell and I was suprised at how much it moved me. Definately a read I would recommend, it is well written and deeply moving. Thankyou to my friend Chris Atkinson for lending it to me.