Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ever thought a painting had power?

Ever thought a painting had power? Or that a dance could release victory? Teresa Dedmon’s new book ‘born to create’ challenges us with just that, Teresa is a part of Bethel church in California and travels around speaking on supernatural creativity. This book is awesome for anyone creative, heres some of the testimonies!

“A student at Bethel came there with bi-polar and depression, he was heavily medicated and was really struggling, he heard about the creative miracles and he saw a painting that said ‘HOPE’ on it he began to see his life through God’s eyes and what it could be he was instantly healed from bi-polar and depression, that was 3 years ago he’s now at Bethel school of ministry”

“Theres a girl at Bethel who dances, she was in Bethel’s healing rooms and a couple came distraught as their little girl age 12 had leukemia, she was too unwell to come they just brought her picture on a key chain and the girl took it and began to dance releasing the presence of God, the couple went home got their daughter checked out by a doctor and she was completely healed!”

These are just a couple of testimonies showing that God uses our creativity to inspire, heal, comfort, encourage somebody and that when we have Jesus within us we can release his presence into every situation, he uses our creativity, so Teresa encourages us to find our individual signature, to write that poem, write that song, dance that dance, paint that picture, design that thing your designing, write that card knowing it holds more power than looking pretty it can release the power of Jesus and change peoples lives!

I'm inspired hope you are too :)

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    Thanks for sharing HOPE ! Our family produces anointed art.