Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Christian Mama's guide to baby's first year!

This came at just the right time I was 9 months pregnant with our baby and then i got to read and review this book, i love the cover of this book too its nice and bright and cheerful, this book is great, I really enjoyed reading it, its great especially for a first time mum I can imagine if it was your second or third baby you may know a lot of it already but as a first time mum its fab, as we know that when its your first baby you don't really know anything, its easy to feel out of your depth! This book is like being able to go to a friend and ask advice! I found myself revisiting chapters that I was struggling with, a great present for a new mum at church and a great resource to have. I liked that it had sections in for the dads too, some baby books are only aimed at women and so thats nice to see. Theres lots to learn when babies come along I'm sure I'll be dipping in and out of this book for the whole of this year
and passing on any great advice I find to other mums and dads! Enjoy reading this book if you get the chance.

Thanks Erin a great read!

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