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I had such a great time at Faith camp! It was truly awesome one of the great things was the two books I came home with! Its actually a good story! I decided in the morning I was going to buy Bengt Wedemalm's book 'in his majestys service' I couldn't wait to have a copy of that book! Because his sessions at Faith Camp were awesome! , anyway i got on with my day and when i got back my lovely friend Jenna Hart had bought it me and left it as a present in my tent! I was so touched! So I thanked God and then thought okay I will buy Lisa beveres book 'Lioness arising' and again carried on with my day and when I got back from my seminar Phil Gorman had bought me that book! It was 2 lovely surprises in one day! so here is my thoughts on them both... thankyou God, Jenna, Phil and Paith Camp!

This is spectacular! I loved this book and would encourage women to get a hold of it! The back cover reads 'Women, its time to AWAKEN.... God did not save you to tame a life of fierce passion.AWAKEN,to dangerous prayer, stunning power, and teamed purpose, AWAKEN, your response could very well change your world. Lisa bevere compares lionesses to us as women in his kingdom, that we are God's lionesses! What that means and how to embrace it! She observes actual lioness behaviour and shows us what we can learn from them and what that means for us as women in the kingdom of God. I learnt a lot from this book and feel rearing to go already! A saying in there I liked was written by Sam Levensen:

"For attractive lips, speak words of kindness,
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people,
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry,
For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone"

I have been to faith camp twice and each year attended Bengts seminars and he is a great teacher and example to us all about living a life of faith. I always find I learn something new each year and am inspired in my own faith! 

This book comes highly recommended when you buy it all proceeds go back into his ministry and mission so is well worth buying! This book is about Bengts and his wife viviannes life, its about his calling, the words God spoke into his life and the adventures he went on with God. Preaching in places that were virtually untouched by the Gospel and healings that took place, miraculous signs and wonders and the salvation that happened people surrendering their lives to Jesus and becoming leaders themselves. This book is fantastic, it speaks of bravery and Faith, it also shows us a God who is so powerful on our behalf! His heart for our world and for places that may be unknown to us but to him are on his heart and that when people stand up in faith and 'GO' then God works wonders in those places. Bengt's book makes me want to be brave and to rely fully on God and believe him when he tells us to do something in our lives. This is an inspirational story I can't recommend it enough. Thankyou Bengt! Awesome!

To find out more about Bengt's ministry and his mission organisation visit

Speak soon love Janine x x x x

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