Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The book - The fall of lucifer!

The Fall of lucifer!

Hey guys its me again Im catching up with my reviews this week. The book I have just finished reading is this, The Fall of lucifer by Wendy Alec. My friend Chris recommended this book to me and borrowed me his copy! 

The Fall of Lucifer is a novel about just that, The fall of lucifer, Its the story of Lucifer and his angelic brothers Gabriel and Michael and the hosts of heaven, It is the story of who lucifer was before he fell, his relationship with God, his beauty, and then tells of his demise, his rebellion against God and his expulsion from heaven. It then follows the battles that follow between him and his angelic brothers following creation, the sin of Adam and Eve and his part in that, as well as the demise of earth forcing God to destroy it sparing one man and his family Noah, yet even then the people of Earth are rejecting God and the consequences the enivetable judgement that would follow sends sadness into heaven, unless somebody paid the price for human beings, a spotless sinless person of which there is none, So steps forward Christ, The father loves the human race so much he sends himself his only son to pay the price for them. 

The fall of Lucifer is like nothing I have ever read before! It opens your eyes to the heavenly realms, it makes you see that there is a heavenly realm. It is a sad story indeed of Lucifers demise, it makes you see that we have an awesome loving God who is majestic and loves us so much! It makes you realise that there is no inbetween you are either on one side or another and makes you see the beauty of the right side. It shows you how sin can seep into someone making them a completely different person and the mercy and the grace of God. 

I would definately recommend this book! It made me truly thankful that God fights for us! 

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