Monday, 4 July 2011

Todd Burpo heaven is for Real- A little boys story of his trip to heaven and back.

 A little boys astounding story of his trip to heaven and back!

'Do you remember  the hospital, Colton? Sonja said 'yes mommy, I 
remember' he said 'that's where the angels sang to me'

This is an amazing story! I went to church last night and my lovely friend
Harriet came in with this book for me to read! Saying she read it in an afternoon its now the next day and I was exactly the same seriously could not put this book down, do you want to know what heaven is like?...then read this book!!!!!!

'Heaven is for real' is the story of Colton Burpo, a child not even four years old Colton became very unwell he had to have a emergency appenectomy it was a hard time for his parents Todd, Sonja and his sister Cassie, and they were overjoyed by his miraculous recovery! 

What followed however is truly wonderful as Colton starts to tell his mum and dad about his trip to heaven, he tells them in accurate detail what they were doing in the hospital while he was being operated on and so much more unfolds including the way he met and spoke with Jesus, the angels, the holy spirit, the people he met there and how much God loves us and how he hears and answers our prayers and how he shoots down power from heaven to us! He astonishes his parents with details of heaven ,events past that happened even before he was born. His parents are astonished at his accuracy how his details of heaven matches the bible exactly and he hadn't even learnt to read yet! 

This book is AWESOME! I seriously cannot recommend this book enough! What a brilliant book. This book had me in tears several times, it is written so beautifully, seeing heaven through the eyes of a child. It gives us a glimpse of what we will see for eternity what happens to people when they die and how God loves us and how he sees us and hears us. 

It is in my opinion a book of hope and promise! It encouraged me so much and shows just how much God loves us and the little children.

This book is truly fascinating! Seeing heaven through the eyes of a child! Go and buy it it will open your eyes and give you a taste of heaven.

To find out more about Colton and his story visit their website


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